Flat roofing in Newcastle upon Tyne

QuotesWhen it comes to maintaining your flat roofing and what's underneath, it's a good idea to check it at least twice a year and always after storms. Most importantly, if you have any kind of water ingress, whatsoever, get in touch with a roofer.

Flat roofing has come a long way over the years and materials and application techniques have improved significantly in quality and effectiveness against the elements. If you notice leaking, sagging, or ‘ponding’, then it’s prudent to have it checked out by a professional. But this doesn’t necessarily mean huge costs.

When you need a repair

Below are a couple of the options that may be suitable for your property.

  • Torch on built up felt – one of the quickest, least expensive and easiest flat roof coverings around, but must be applied by qualified tradesmen
  • GRP (fibreglass) roofing - an exceptionally long lasting, hard wearing and affordable roofing solution which is available in a variety of different colours
  • Pour on flat roofing – as the name suggests this material is poured on while in liquid form which sets to an even finish with no joins

We cover the whole of Newcastle and Tyneside and can advise you on whether you need a new roof or whether can get away with just a repair. This will depend on whether there's any damage beneath the linings, but even if the advice is to replace it this may not be as costly as you’d imagine.

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We're Newcastle based experts who'd be happy to talk to you about your flat roofing needs and how we can help. We guarantee all our work and have many happy customers so don’t need to employ strong-arm tactics to gain your business.

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